How to clean plastic surfaces?

Plastics are used in many products. It provides protective surface for countertops and cabinets also. Plastic surfaces can be easily cleaned. Things required to clean plastics are:-

Kitchen cleaner spray
Mild detergent
Warm water
Nylon bristled brush
Mild glass cleaner
Soft cloths

Plastics do not absorb stains so it has to be wiped off. First of all mix the detergent with water in a bucket. Take a soft cloth dip it in the detergent mixed water and remove the dust particles from the plastic surface. For cleaning cupboards and countertops always start from the top and then gradually come down.

Now spray kitchen cleaner on it. Use sponge to rub it. Rub gently over the surface and a bit harder on the stain but it should not be very hard because it can cause scratches on the plastic. Nylon brushes should be used instead of sponge for textured surface. Use it in a circular motion.
Wipe off with cloth that is moistened with clean water after that dry the surface with the soft paper towel to keep the surface shinning.

If plastics have glassy surface then spray a mild glass cleaner and wipe it off with soft cloth. This will remove any of the scratch left by the cleaning solution.

You can wear gloves while cleaning to protect your hand from excess moisture and cleaning solutions. Do not use abrasive cleaners as they will scratch the plastic surfaces.

Solution having paraffin hydrocarbon solvent, glycol ether can be used for cleaning audio or visual tapes, electric components, computer diskettes etc. plastics are also cleaned before painting. If it is not done or the plastic is not fully dry then there will appear spots in the paint.

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