How does a ballistic missile work?

Ballistic missiles are large and powerful missiles that are designed to attack a long-distance target carrying a warhead that may also be a nuclear warhead. These missiles use a suborbital trajectory and may sometimes reach higher than space altitudes (over 100 km), exiting the earth’s […]

How do clouds form?

Mostly we all had heard that clouds forms because of evaporation but how the whole process works is the question. Sunrays reach to the ground supplying heat to all the objects and also in the air of our environment. Now this air which had gained […]

How are thunderstorms formed?

Due to the rising of humid air thunderstorm is formed. Air rises up because of many factors like heating by sun, melting of two different steams of air or facing of air uphill. This heated air rises up and condense at a certain height forming […]

What does percent body fat mean?

You must have heard the term body fat percentage. It is the percentage of fat present in your body. If your body weighs 160 pounds and you have 10 percent of fat then your body contains 16 pounds of fat tissues and 144 pounds of […]

What is Chlorobenzene?

There are some chemicals that are normally used in the preparation of different other chemicals and Chlorobenzene is just one of them. It is a kind of aromatic organic compound that is used in different kinds of industries so that they can derive some other […]

Why does the leaning tower of Pisa lean?

The tower of Pisa is approximately 56m high having eight storeys which have different balls that sound different from each other. If we climb up to the tower we will definitely have strange experience because it is leaning at a sharp angle. The construction of […]

Why is the grass green?

Grass has green color because it has a pigment like other plants called as chlorophyll. This pigment is found in organelles (little factories) in a plant cell known as chloroplasts which is involved in the process called photosynthesis (a process by which plants make their […]

How is snow formed?

Water on earth remains in a constant cycle. It moves from the ocean, seas, rivers, gets evaporated, goes into the atmosphere and again comes back to the earth in the form of rain, snow, hail etc. Snow is always formed in the cold clouds because […]

How to calculate body mass index?

Most of the people rely only on weighing scale to know if they are overweight. But body mass index (BMI) is better way to know about your total body fat according to your weight and height. By calculating body mass index you can easily conclude […]