What is water made of?

Everything is made up of atoms whether it is natural material or man made material like plastics, synthetic etc. it is the smallest particle in each and every substance. Many atoms combine together to form molecule. A single drop of water has billions of molecules […]

How do magnets work?

Magnets have a field around them that attract metals such as iron, steel and nickel. Magnets are used for a variety of purposes and have application in every walk of life. In this article we will discuss the principle behind magnetism. Atomic magnetism There are […]

Who invented fire extinguishers?

Fire extinguishers are hand held protection devices that are used to control small fires as well as extinguish them. Ambrose Godfrey a popular chemist invented the first fire extinguisher in 1723 in England. This extinguisher constituted of a liquid that extinguished fire, and a pewter […]

Why do ocean appears blue?

Sunlight is made up of different colors that are rainbow colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red. When sunlight falls on water some part of it is reflected back and other enters the ocean. The light gets scattered after entering the ocean by ripples […]

How to test the purity of milk?

Generally, to test the purity of milk, an instrument called ‘lactometer’ is used. However, a lactometer is not a very feasible instrument for household use; also there are various types of milk products with varying fat and cream content. Thus, it becomes too hard to […]

How do plants grow?

Plants grow from the seeds, and the seeds are covered by a natural coating known as seed coat. Water is very helpful to develop a seedling from the embryo of a seed and further helps the seedling to break the seed coat. This process is […]

What is protein?

Protein word is taken from a Greek word “prota” which means “primary importance”. Jons Jakob Berzelius, a Swedish scientist gave it a name in 1838 but the important role of protein was fully appreciated after 1926. Proteins are the primary substance of living organisms as […]

How stain remover works?

Stain removers and detergents that are used nowadays have enzymes which work to remove the organic stains while bleaching chemicals in stain removers remove the non-organic stains. These enzymes work in a simple way. It breaks the stains so that it will be easier for […]

Why does milk turn sour?

Milk contains many bacteria which are not harmful for human beings. One of which gives milk sweet characteristic and the other gives it sour characteristic sweet one works more efficiently under the cold condition and sour one works more efficiently in warm conditions. When the […]

How many different vitamins are there?

The word vitamin is made from the words “vitamine” which means “vital amine”. These are the organic compounds found in a small amount in the food and perform a particular function in cells and tissues. Vitamins react with enzymes and produce the energy from the […]