How do hurricanes form?

Hurricane is one of the most violent storms experienced by earth. These storms are cyclones, typhoons etc. they are called as tropical cyclone and that form over eastern Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean are known as hurricanes. For the formation of hurricane the water temperature must be 26.5 degree centigrade or above and depth of water must be at least 50 meters. The combination of the warmth and shallowness prepare the atmosphere around for the creation of hurricane. Under these circumstances the air above the ocean warms, becomes lighter and starts rising upward creating a low pressure area below. So the air from surrounding having high air pressure rushes into low pressure area. They again become warm and moist and the cycle goes on. So when this warm air reaches above these vapors change to cloud Because temperature decreases with the height and warms the surrounding air. Now the wind is created and because of cariolis force this wind starts spinning and finally resulting in a tropical storm or a hurricane.

Following conditions are must for the formation of hurricane:-

1) The temperature of ocean must be 26.5 degree centigrade or above.
2) Winds must be in a same direction and speed from the water surface to 9000 meters
above sea level
3 Hurricanes requires the continuous developing of cloud to sustain itself which needs higher humidity level

A hurricane is always formed 500 kilometers away from the equator because carioles force is very week near the equator.
The centre of hurricane is the “eye” which is calmest part and hurricane rotate around it in a counter-clockwise direction. When these hurricanes reach on land they cause a lot of damage to building, trees, vehicles etc.

Hurricane weakens or storm begins to diminish when reaches the cooler water surface or dry areas and it can again shoot up if it gets the favorable conditions.

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