What are the ways to prevent global warming?

The main causes of global warming are greenhouse gases which are released into the atmosphere through various human activities. We can take many steps to reduce global warming.

On roads
Carbon dioxide is released into the air by the burning of fuels which contribute in the climate change. This can be reduced by improving fuel efficiency of your car. Smart driving also increases fuel economy like avoid hard acceleration, go easy on brakes and gas pedals etc. proper maintenance of your vehicle emits fewer greenhouse gases, use good quality oil, check and change your vehicle’s air filter at intervals, check tire pressure because under-inflation increases tire wear and reduces the fuel economy up to three percent which causes more release of pollutant gases and greenhouse gases. Switch off your vehicles whenever it is not required like on the traffic signals and while buying something on roads. If you do not use your car for two days in a week then it will reduce 1600 pounds of greenhouse gas emission per year. Try to use renewable fuels like E85 and biodisel.

In house
Making a little change in your house reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. It has been studied that the home appliances are more responsible than the vehicles on roads. Energy used in homes is made from the burning of fossil fuel. We can replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs which will save energy. The higher it is energy efficient appliance the less is the cost of running it. Try to purchase the appliances like air conditioner, dishwasher, and refrigerator with maximum energy efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide pollution.

Reuse, recycle your waste items like newspaper, beverage containers, papers etc. you can sell these products in the recycling markets so that it can be consumed. You can also buy products made from them. Try to use containers that can be recycled. This will help to conserve energy and reduces green house gases from resource extraction, manufacturing and disposal.

Spread a word
Give people more and more information about global warming and tell them about the ways to reduce it. Proper knowledge should be given to the students about climate changes so that they can reduce the emission of these gases at school, college or university level.
Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air by the process called sequestration. So planting more and more trees can also be a very good step to use the excess of carbon dioxide already present in the atmosphere and slower the growth of greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere.

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