Why cant we sneeze with our eyes open?

Most of us cannot open our eyes while sneezing. This is because sneezing is a reflex action. Reflex actions are those actions of our body which are not under our control. Because sneezing is a reflex action so the closing of eyes during sneezing is also a reflex. Some people think that the closing of eyes while sneezing is to prevent the entry of bacteria and germs into our eyes but it is not actually true closing of eyes and is only the reflex action of our body. Sneezing is like the shut down of whole body organs like brain, kidney, and lungs. They all stop just for a second and same happens with the eyes too. During sneezing there is a tremendous pressure on your body and pressure of air on your eyes which does not allow the eyes to remain open. It will be very uncomfortable for our eyes.

There can be two reasons for closing our eyes firstly it may be the act of our involuntary muscles and secondly to restrict the entry of water droplets that come out while sneezing and our body never wants that those given out droplets again enter through eyes.
Chest muscle, vocal cord muscle, belly muscle and also muscles present on the back of throat are very much involved in sneezing so some people give the reason that if we will not shut our eyes these will come out from the sockets because of the pressure of head and respiratory system. Our eyes get closed to protect them.
Some people can help their eyes open while sneezing because they do not have the reflex and others claim that it is just to remember that while sneezing you have not to close your eyes and with the practice this goal can be achieved.

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