Who invented the Gas Mask?

The gas mask is a device, when used protects the user from breathing in toxic gases and pollutants. The gas mask was invented by Garrett A. Morgan and patented in 1914, though there were others who had worked on these masks before this invention. Garrett’s gas mask was very much similar to the modern day gas masks. It was actually meant for the firefighters, mine workers and sea divers.

The mask invented by Garrett A. Morgan obtained national prominence when 32 workers from a mine were rescued from flooded mining caverns beneath the surface of the ground by Morgan and his brother, wearing the invention which was then known as the Morgan safety hood. Morgan was awarded a gold medal after this rescue mission. He later received orders from the US army.

There has been a lot of advancement in the technology of gas masks since then. Specific changes have been made in the filtration aids in these masks. Modern plastic and silicone rubber compounds have made the masks comfortable with a great fit.

Several styles of gas masks are available today, some covering only the nose and the mouth while others that cover the whole of the face and the eyes. They are designed in such a way as to be used in industries as well as for military purposes.

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