How to flirt successfully?

You can say flirting is an art in which a person attracts the other person of opposite gender without being tacky and obnoxious. Some people are trained in this art naturally and some attains mastery over it with practice. Some people say that flirting is not only a fun but an essential and universal aspect for interactions. It also brightens our day and makes us more confident and enthusiastic towards life, strengthen social bonds etc.
Flirting is something in which 70 percent of communication is sending right signals and other 30 percent is not what you say but how you say. Here are some ways to flirt successfully:-

First of all make yourself look the best. This will definitely increase your self confidence to flirt. Moreover people will be attracted towards you if you are properly dressed up, not stinking or in other words looking very smart. You can flirt anytime you go out. It doesn’t require some particular occasion. So be sure whenever you go out you must look attractive. You can carry or wear something that looks different like a t-shirt with famous saying or an astrological sign, tie, scarf or you can carry an interesting book, your dog or any other thing that can catch the attention of people around you.

Confidence serves as a magical charm. Your gestures and postures should convey the message that you are a very confident person even if you are not, so for this regularly keeps a check on your body posture when you are out. Keep your back straight, chin up, pull your shoulder back and also check the way you stand or sit.

Eyes are your prime weapon. Eye contact is very important for flirting. It works even if the person with whom you want to flirt is somewhat away from you. It gives the signal to other person that you are interested in him/her.
Look directly into the eyes of your target and smile. You can also look away just for 2 or three seconds and repeat the same process. Now the other person becomes sure that you are flirting with him. Don’t feel discouraged if the that person wont smile back because some people cannot do this in the beginning.

Your smile and confidence will make the person more likely to want to talk to you. But if that person doesn’t approach you then you must go to the person to have some talk.

You can start the conversation by asking the person that where he/she lives, hobbies, likes and dislikes, how was the day or weekend, movies he/ she likes and all this type of stuff. Avoid asking those questions that are generally answered in “yes” or “no” because asking these questions will be boring and your conversation can end up early.

Always feel relaxed while talking. Don’t be nervous and if you are then don’t let the other person know about it. The best way to show that you are relaxed is to have pleasant smile on the face. This will also help the other person to be at ease.

After few minutes of conversation you can easily guess the nature of a person. To make a connection you can share your similarities in your likes and dislikes. This will bring you closer to that person but don’t make fake stories. You can find something of common interest in your conversation and start sharing it.

While having conversation you must also pay attention towards your body language because sometimes it sends such signals which leave the impression that you are not interested and getting bored like drumming your fingers, leaning away from the person, crossing your arms in front of you, rolling eyes etc. and if you are receiving these types of signals from your target then it means he/she is not interested in you and your talks. Women always like masculine characteristics so always stand straight, tall with square shoulders.

Give your crush full attention. Show your interest in the other person’s talk by nodding you head, smiling and asking questions about the topic and most important is to look into the eyes of the target, looking sideways and replying in just “mm hmmm” gives the signal that you are not interested in his/her talks. Also use the target’s name sometimes in the conversation. This will increase more attention and intimacy.

To make other person feel connected you can also mimic their behaviors but keep in mind that it does not annoy the other person or it is subtle enough that the person with whom you are flirting won’t consciously notice about this.

You must have found something attractive in your target so do not hesitate to give a compliment because everybody likes to be complimented. Be sincere in giving compliments because fake compliments can affect your image as other person may think that you are lying. You can give compliments for her beautiful eyes, long hair etc.

To increase the intimacy you can also touch your target like placing hands on the arms to give stress on a particular point in the conversation. If you are sitting you can touch your knees slightly with the other person’s knee. You can also sit shoulder to shoulder etc. If your target is not interested in these things then he/she will pull themselves somewhat back. So keep a check if you get such types of signals.


1) The one who is attracted always lean, cross his/her legs or point their toes, feet, legs or hands towards you.

2) They blink more than the usual while they look at you because we unconsciously blink more rapidly when we look at the thing to which we are attracted.

3) The person who is attracted towards you will look at you by raising his/her eyebrows or one eyebrow for a second or two.

So we can say that flirting is to send signals to your target that you are attracted and will have good time talking to him/her.

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    Seriously, this has nothing to do with how to flirt, I have flirted with people for EVER, and raising your eyebrows at someone is something that I believe everybody does. And ALSO peacocking does not always work!

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