Is there any material which does not burn in fire?

Fire can be a good servant but a bad master and therefore, we should always be careful while handing fire because it can create a lot of damage if we take it very lightly. Over many years, fire has caused a great deal of damage to the human life and property and therefore, scientists, and fire experts are always working on materials that do not burn in fire so that they can be used by people who work under dangerous conditions where they can get trapped under a fire situation and burn themselves. In recent times many people believe that Nomex is one material that does not burn in fire and therefore, many fire fighters and people working in risky situations prefer to have Nomex clothing to keep them safe from fire.

Nomex is one of the famous materials that you can use if you’re heading into a place where you might have to keep yourself safe in the fire. Nomex material is made from flame resistant cotton, and therefore, it is light and works like a miracle. Many fire fighters across the United States and in other different countries have their uniforms made up of Nomex materials, and even their hood is made of Nomex on which they can place their fire fighter’s mask to cover their face from the intensely heated situations when they are entering a building that has caught fire.

Apart from the fire fighters even race car drivers like Formula One drivers wear Nomex suits to keep themselves safe and secure in case if there is any accident that would toss their vehicle off the race track and catch fire. Most of the Nomex suits available in the market are generally approved by the fire safety agencies of that country, and therefore, you can certainly buy them without thinking about it twice.

Nomex material is very close to nylon and therefore, many people mistaken it for nylon but the fibers of Nomex material are coated with phosphonium salt precondensate which protect from intense heat and flash fires.

Most of the Nomex suits available in the market have different price tags on it because Nomex material comes in different thickness and textures, and therefore, you need to research on what kind of Nomex material is good for your safety. However, Nomex AP and Nomex IIIA are considered to be the most common Nomex materials that you can find in the market.

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