How to be popular with women?

Today almost every man wants to be popular with the women. Here are some ways:-

Try to be yourself in the front of women. This does not mean that you behave overconfidently and stick to a thing that you think is right also you should not be pretentious. Just behave in a natural way.

Give special attention to your appearance and looks. Do not dress up yourself in an exaggerated manner but your clothes should be clean and properly carried by you because most of the women like modest but capable gentleman.

Be thoughtful, well mannered and confident about yourself. Do not use abusive language in the front of a woman. And avoid being overly aggressive with her. Also try to avoid off color jokes with a woman.

Women always like generous, warm hearted, mature and caring man with good sense of humor. They also like the person who are liked and found attractive by others.

Women always like to be cared. They also like the people who give them special attention and praise their smartness, beauty or intelligence. They dislike most is being ignored. So never lose an opportunity to give a compliment to the lady but be sure that it is on the right time. Remember your compliments should be in a very natural way.

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    that’s crap. alot of women love to be ignored. they think the guy is a chllenge. women don’t like puppy dogs who hang on their sleeve. everyone loves a challenge.

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