How do i know if a girl likes me?

Girls are the most complicated beings in the universe…at least with their feelings. You can never be sure whether a girl is interested in you or if she is just flirting with you. Although there are some unique behavioral patterns that will indicate her feelings to you. Remember that each girl is different. Sometimes what a girl says and what she means may be the complete opposites. They would mean something but in reality it would be an exact opposite indication.
It’s not physical signs that you should go for while trying to figure out a girl, but rather it’s the behavior patterns that matter. Some of the signs that can suggest that she likes you are:


The girl is very attentive to what you say. Sometimes when you are in a group, she may be the only one supporting you on an issue.

She is comfortable with you

She never ever ignores your presence. In fact, you can feel that she is trying to go out of her way to give you company. Whenever you ask her on a date, she never turns it down. Even if there is no reason to be near you, she still likes your company.

Getting angry

She will get angry if she feels you are not paying her proper attention. She may even ask you about your past and current relations, if she feels that you are cheating on her.


When girls are interested or if they like you, then they will pay attention to everything that you say and even the smallest details about you, won’t escape her attention. Girls are extremely concerned and very helpful when they are interested in you. She tries her best to get your work done and waves off a ‘thank you’ saying it’s not needed.

The first one to feel genuinely happy about your achievements.

If it’s your birthday, she will be the first one to wish you. If you clear an exam or achieve something at your workplace, she will be the one telling the world about it and feeling happy more than you.


She shows genuine support when you feel low. She will be there for you even if there is no one to support you. She will try to make you smile when you are dejected.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!

The girl who likes you will never go to sleep without wishing you a good night. Her last text message for the day will constitute an elongated sweet dream wish!

Taking care about your daily routine

A girl truly concerned about you will get extra concerned and angry if you don’t eat at the right time or work for longer hours.

Being together

The girl will never feel bored with you. Also she would try to make you feel most comfortable. While she would shy away from direct eye contact, she will go on with her constant conversation. While you guys come back home, you will receive a text message enquiring about your arrival. After a while, you may find yourself chatting with her.

Honest compliments

She will truly reciprocate what she feels about you. Her dislikes and likings will be clearly known to you.

Future plans

You are always in her future plans, and she does not hesitate discussing them with you.

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