How does a wall lizard get rid of its tail?

Many species of wall lizards can be found across the world and across continents such as North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. It has been estimated that over 25000 types of lizards have been found so far by the scientists. Almost all wall lizards have an extra ordinary ability to detach a part of their tails. This gives extremely confusing signs to the predators as well as other animals and helps the lizard to get away during a fight.

The tail of the lizards is made up of bones and the end part of the tail is very loosely attached so it can be removed very easily. The detached tail has an ability to keep moving, and this confuses and even scares away the natural predators from the lizard. The removed part of the tail keeps on moving involuntarily from one side to another. This puzzles the opponent and helps the lizard to run away from the place.

The tail of the lizard is then regenerated over a period of few weeks. However, only a portion of its tail will regenerate. The new section is quite different from the rest of the body and is actually cartilage and not bone. Further this new tail will be markedly different in color than the rest of the body. This is a trait that is shared by few species of lizards only.

The classification

The common lizards that can be seen in homes have ears, a long body, face as well as four legs or limb. They also have a tail unlike the snakes, though they are categorized along with snakes. Snakes and lizards both share a moving quadrate bone and thus are defined as Lepidosauria (the reptiles that possess scales that overlap). While some lizards are venomous, not all lizards are poisonous.

Some types of the lizards give birth, while most of the lizards hatched from the eggs. The basic foods of the lizards are insects but some of the lizards’ species also feed on small animals and birds as well. Lizards can range from a few centimeters such as the tiny gecko to the largest Komodo dragon that can grow up to 3 meters long. Komodo dragons are found in Indonesia and are highly poisonous. They kill in groups and can stalk and kill their prey. On occasions, they have been known to stalk and prey on humans as well.

Lizards have excellent vision and can see in color in many variations. They also use body gestures and posture as well as pheromones as the means of communicating with each other. Some lizards such as chameleons can also change color and merge in the background to avoid the predators as well.

The native place

Lizards can be found in forest, deserts, marshes, rocky areas and these are the favorite place for these lizards. Here they can hide among the rock, debris, rubble and plantation. Lizards love the warmth and are the most active when the sun is up in the sky. But, if it gets too hot, then they will look for shade. They will hibernate during the winter.

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