How do we get afflicted from roundworms?

Roundworms are also known as nematodes and can affect both adults and children. These worms will usually live in the human intestines after they have come in contact with humans. Even pets can get affected by roundworms and even pass the same to the humans. Usually the larvae or the eggs of the roundworms are present in the soil, stool, or faeces, animal droppings. When humans come in contact with them, they can be ingested or even transferred through the skin. There are many species of the roundworm and can cause infections. These worms can be really small at1 millimeter, but many species can even grow up to be 5 meters or approximately 5 feet.

The roundworm affliction is more commonly found in the tropics as with other parasitic diseases, rather than the colder climates. Roundworm affliction is quite common and currently affects over a 1 billion people worldwide. Usually the signs and the symptoms of the disease include cough, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, blood in stool and sometimes in urine, vomiting, physical presence of roundworm in vomit or stool, general weight loss and fatigue, etc.

Sources of infection

In many cases, various species of roundworm co-exist with the bigger animals in a symbiotic relationship. However, some species of roundworms can be parasitic and will have a cycle of reproduction inside the body of their hosts. One of the most common ways in which humans can get afflicted by roundworms is by eating roundworm infected food. Undercooked pork or infected pork can easily lead to the roundworm infection. There fore it is extremely important to maintain levels of hygiene when dealing with livestock.

The eggs and the larvae of the roundworms can also be found in the soil as well. Often children play in the soil and then put their dirty hands in their mouth. When this happens the eggs and the larvae of the roundworm can easily reach the intensive, where it will begin the process of reproduction. Another species of the roundworm known as the hookworm can even penetrate the skin even if someone walks over them barefoot.

Roundworms are also found in home pets as well. Usually they can be seen in the faces or the stool of the pet. In case, you do come across such a situation, and then it is important that the pet should be immediately taken to the veterinary and given suitable medication for removal of the roundworm. In this case, maintain proper hygienic conditions and don’t allow children to pick up anything from the ground or insist on washing hands and maintaining proper hygiene also.

The reproduction cycle

When the larvae, egg, or even the roundworm enter the body, they go straight for the intestinal tract. Here the worm will grow and start reproducing. In many cases, they may even reach other parts of the body as well. The eggs of these mature roundworms will be ejected along with the stool, where they can infect other people as well.

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