How do Parrot and Myna speak like us?

It is really very fascinating to see how birds such as parrots and myna can talk like human beings. These birds can imitate the voice of human beings. These birds can speak small words and very short sentences if they are taught and trained well. The reason behind the talking of the birds is mainly because parrots have a long and thick tongue like human beings. However, mynas don’t have long and thick tongues like humans and yet imitates the human sounds quite easily.

Some facts

Even though other birds such as hawk and eagle too have long and thick tongue but these birds cannot copy the voice of humans. Another reason why parrots and mynas can talk is because they are intelligent birds and can easily imitate humans. Some clever animals such as dolphins too befriend humans because of their friendly nature. It is their intelligence that enables them to listen carefully and enable them to make sounds like humans.

How do they produce the sound?

Parrots and mynas produce sound that sounds like humans because of the slow process of their hearing and speech. In this mechanism, they first listen to the words carefully, the sound of the word and then try producing that sound in the form of words. These birds notice the lip movements of humans very carefully and then listen to them.

Once they hear the words, they try imitating or producing the same word. Gradually, as they pick up words, they use short sentences too. According to experts, the birds understand the fact that imitating human voices can also bring them rewards in form of more food and water.

When a small parrot is bought home, it will usually adopt the human family as its own family as they are very social birds. Moreover, many people will simply train the parrot or the myna to speak short sentences, names of the family members, etc. In fact, parrots are often regarded as the chirpiest bird.

Animal experts also believe that birds such as parrots have a structure known as “syrinx” in their throats, which controls the airflow and gives rise to the human-like sounds that the parrots make.

The habitat of Parrots

Parrots are generally found in countries that have tropical climates in continents such as such as Asia, South America and Africa. They imitate humans and prefer human foods also. They like vegetables and fruits, especially guava. Their sharp and pointed beak helps them to dig into these fruits and relish them.

Parrot and its kind

Macaw is a kind of parrot who is mostly found in Latin America. Another kind of parrot is called Kea that is mostly found in New Zealand. These kinds can talk just like human, however, they differ from usual parrots in size and color.


Mynas can also imitate the voice of humans these are beautiful brown colored birds again found in tropical regions of the world. Mynas often produce sounds that are musical and usually herald the coming of the spring season.

Is training required for them?

Both parrots and mynas need some amount of training to speak as human do. If they are given proper training at the right age, then they can pick up, many words and sentences. Usually younger parrots without any voice training will respond, the best to such training.

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