Why do tiger have stripes?

Stripes on the body of tiger mainly help them to hide. Stripped body cannot be easily recognized in the shadow of forests. It helps the tiger to escape from the predators and himself can easily hunt for its prey.

Scientists say that color blindness is very common among the wild animals or in other words we can say that they cannot easily differentiate the colors moreover they really hunts between sunset and dawn. These stripes appear as shadow and light in the high grown trees, these stripes usually merges the outlines of the body with the environment which does not allow the small animals to easily recognize the presence of tiger near them, tiger has stripped body because it helps the tiger to easily hunt for its prey. Same is the reason why leopard has spots on his body. Pattern of stripes in every tiger is different as the finger prints in the human beings.

Now laws have been made against the hunting of tigers because now they are very few in numbers mostly in Asian countries. A person who kills the tiger is punished heavily by the law.

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