How close are we to developing cyborg?

The basic idea of cyborg is a humanoid i.e. part human and part machine. The word “cyborg” was coined by a group of scientists working at NASA. In 1960, two scientists of NASA had discussed the probable advantages of a human that could have machine parts fitted and would work perfectly in external space. The Cyborgs are often described as “half-human and half machine” in science fictions. Are we close to making science fiction a scientific fact by creating cyborgs? As the technology is advancing rapidly, newer inventions seem to give way to even for fantastic inventions. Soon time will come, when this advancement of technology could create a perfect cyborg.

Some more facts

With constant up-gradation of technology, science fiction is slowly becoming a reality. A few years ago, artificial human organs were in the process of being created. But some devices such as a pacemaker have helped us in making the concept of artificial human organs a reality. However, the standard prosthetic is not a part of cyborg. As of now, a prosthetic mechanism which utilizes sensors to reproduce a person’s usual walk can be considered as a modern-day cyborg application. Constant developments and improvements in medical science have forced the medical and the scientific community to have a new framework and a concept of the cyborg.

Researchers are trying to make artificial eyes and artificial nose, and they have achieved some success in both the cases. A blind person with the synthetic eyes has driven a car around a research institute’s parking lot. Scientists and those in the medical community are now trying to create artificial limbs, bones, organs and much more using synthetic devices or even tissues and cells that are taken from stem cells.

The time perimeter

Nobody can say how long it will take to make a perfect cyborg. It is a progressive course of action that could take many years, but huge money has been poured into this research activity to make it possible. The replacement for various body parts is in great demand. The humanitarian worth of making artificial limb available through this technology is virtually impossible to calculate.

The controversy

The research into the creation of a cyborg has also stirred up a number of controversies. No one knows the real scenario of this particular advancement. The scientific community is still debating, if humans can make synthetic organs or if an artificial human being will be a boon for the civilization. The improvement in the Radio-Frequency Identification tags which is a micro tool used for insertion inside a human being or an animal for deriving data on the functioning of their bodies is one of the cornerstones in producing cyborg application.

There is another debate present about the cyborg application regarding the uses of insects and animals for battle purposes. Some of the defense forces of the world are trying to build up a cyborg application to use the insects and animals in the forces for strategic battle intention. They are trying to create some weapon that could frighten the enemy but nobody knows if any such weapon invented, then what will be the actual scenario of the battle field. Whether it is possible to control such a weapon or not is also a matter of concern.

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