What is Chlorine?

We all know that chlorine is an oxidant which is normally used for bleaching purpose. However, there are various different uses of chlorine that we are unaware about. If you are looking for a simple definition of chlorine then chlorine is a kind of chemical element that is used in different ways. One of the most common uses of chlorine is It acts as a disinfectant in swimming pools chlorine is also used in different ways like as a part of chloride for e.g. Sodium chloride which is also better known as common salt.

The word chlorine itself means pale green and hence you will see that chlorine is a pale green gas that has a very strong smell. It is very reactive and therefore, it quickly transforms into different chemical elements when it is brought in contact with different elements. Although, the use of chlorine was common in the ancient times it was found somewhere in the 18th century by a Swedish scientist Carl Wilhelm Scheele.

Later, many other scientists from all over the world started different experiments on chlorine. Today, chlorine is prepared through different electrolysis processes like mercury cell electrolysis and membrane cell electrolysis. The usage of chlorine in the industrial production has also become very common and therefore, most of the industries prefer to make use of chlorine to make their finish goods. However, chlorine gas can be very toxic to human health and therefore, companies and industries have to take a lot of precaution while handling chlorine in their plants.

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