What causes belly fat?

People who lead sedentary lifestyles have more belly fat as compared to the people who remain active because the calories required by the body is absorbed by it and the extra ones still remain which changes to fats. It is situated on the top of […]

How to deal with stress?

Most of the people in today’s life are going through stress or stressful conditions. It may be due to the high expectations, studies, family problems, financial crisis, etc. It can cause increase or loss of appetite, frustration, depression, sleeplessness, fatigue, etc. Here are some ways […]

How to gain weight?

The easy way to gain weight is to have the good calorie healthy food instead of having unhealthy junk foods. No doubt it has fats but they are not healthy instead we should try healthy food which gives not only fats but also other nutrients […]

How to reduce body fat?

To get rid of excess body fat is one of the most common problems nowadays. It is mainly due to three reasons. Firstly what type of food to eat? Second is our daily physical activities and workout and thirdly our mind. When we talk about […]

Why is iron good for your body?

Iron is an important mineral required in a small quantity by our bodies. If our body doesn’t get the required amount of iron then it may lead to certain diseases which can be cured with the doctor’s medication and iron supplements. A normal adult man […]

What are the effects of high cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that forms in the liver of our body. Actually, some amount of cholesterol is needed by our body for certain body functions but if the level increases it can cause many health problems. Studies have shown that in U.S out […]

How to stop coughing?

There are many reasons for cough like viral infection, allergies, excessive smoking, and exposure to dust, asthma, cold, chest infection etc. It is irritating both for you and the person sitting beside you. Moreover while coughing you cough out germs and can easily infect the […]

Why is salt bad for the body?

Salt is the most commonly used substance for our daily food. It is called as sodium chloride in scientific terms. Sodium is what needed to our body for its proper functioning. It keeps the body fluids concentration at the required levels and prevents to increase […]

How much protein do i need?

Protein is very important substance required for the growth, repair and maintenance of your body. Now the question arises that how much protein is required by the body. Earlier the formula used to know the amount of protein was to multiply the body weight in […]

How to get rid of scabies?

“Scabies” is a Latin word which means ‘itch’. It is a skin disease caused by direct contact with the people suffering from it or using their clothes, towels and linens. Earlier people thought that scabies only spread sexually, but that was a wrong belief. A […]