How to gain weight?

The easy way to gain weight is to have the good calorie healthy food instead of having unhealthy junk foods. No doubt it has fats but they are not healthy instead we should try healthy food which gives not only fats but also other nutrients needed for our body.

Sources of fatty acids are walnuts, salmon, tuna, flax and fats omega-3.sources of carbohydrates are grains, all types of fruits and vegetables. We can also have the proteins and nutritional supplement between meal snacks so that we can get more and more calories. We should not eat three or four heavy meals in a day instead we should go for 5-6 small meals. Flax seed oil, psyllium powder can also be used so that we can get more fatty acids, omega3 and fiber.

Exercise also helps in gaining weight like resistive exercise for e.g. weight lifting will enlarge the size of muscle. For this type of exercise we can join gym, health club. It is not a very fast process so we have to be patient for the results. Aerobics will not prove to be a good way for weight gaining because running; cycling will help to reduce weight instead of gaining

Following steps can be taken to reduce weight-:

1) Check the number of calories you take and burn in a normal day and weigh yourself.
2) Make sure that the intake of calories should be more than the rate of burning and if it is not like this add more calories to your meal.
3) Start taking 5-6 small nutritious meals instead of 3-4 big meals. To increase the weight we must have to increase the calorie intake.
4) You should go for a resistive exercises like weight lifting under training.
5) Now weigh yourself after a week and if you are gaining more than two pounds that means you are gaining too much fat which will not be good.
6) If you notice that your weight is now stable and is not increasing then it is a sign that you have to add more calories to your meal.

To increase weight we must have high calorie nutritious food. Try to avoid having much amount of sugar and fats. Meal should be taken at a fixed time so that our digestive system can also rest. Increase the nutritious drinks like juices, milk, sport beverages; milkshakes etc. include the soft dense proteins to your diet like diary products. Nicotine and caffeine should be avoided because it increases the rate of metabolism in our body.

Other factors such as stress, tension, inadequate rest can be obstacle in gaining weight. You have less chance to gain weight if yours parents are also thin.

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