How to stop coughing?

There are many reasons for cough like viral infection, allergies, excessive smoking, and exposure to dust, asthma, cold, chest infection etc. It is irritating both for you and the person sitting beside you. Moreover while coughing you cough out germs and can easily infect the other people around.
It is the natural tendency of our body to get rid of impurities through coughing when we are sick so with the recovery of the body coughing also stops. But if there is too much coughing and irritation then you can stop it sooner.

Here are some herbal ways to stop coughing or to soothe your throat:-

1) Take one tablespoon of honey to calm the irritation in throat or can also add it in lemon tea to stop coughing. Slowly drink hot milk mixed with honey before going to bed. This is a good way to prevent nighttime coughing.

2) Ginger is very helpful to stop cough. Take a small piece of it and start chewing it slowly. You will notice that your cough has gradually disappeared.

3) Buy dried coltsfood also known as couighwrot and make herbal tea using this. It is very beneficial to stop cough. Use it under the direction of a physician or herbalist. Do not use it during pregnancy or nursing.

4) Mix some spoons of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water. Drink the mixture slowly whenever you feel like coughing. This will help to soothe your throat which further prevents coughing.

5) Prepare a mixture of eucalyptus oil, thyme oil and coconut oil with three drops, two drops and two teaspoons respectively. Apply this mixture on your chest and breathe deeply.

Some other remedies

1) Chew candies containing peppermint whenever you feel like coughing.

2) Cough generally happens because of some other problem in one’s body. So we must have the good immune system to prevent other problems and cough. Vitamin C is the best choice to strengthen the immune system and recover from illness. It is also very helpful to prevent coughing.

3) Before going to bed apply vicks vaporub below your feet. After applying vicks wear socks. This is very helpful to stop coughing and keeps it away for many hours. You can sleep soundly without any irritation and cough.

4) Taking in the warm steam clears up the throat passages, hence prevents coughing.

Cough caused by phlegm should not be stopped by taking medicines because phlegm that remains in the lungs can cause pneumonia. Coughing is a way by which body gets rid of phlegm.

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