Why do cats purr?

Purring is most commonly seen in the felids of all species, raccoon and other animals. We can say that it is a type of cat’s communication. It was believed that felis genus cats can only purr but it is not true all cats can purr […]

How do female mammals produce milk?

The production of milk by female mammals is termed as lactation. It involves milk production by the mammary glands present only in the female. The main purpose behind milk production is feeding the new born, thus providing it with nutrition and immunity. For human beings […]

How to get rid of fleas?

Fleas can be in your carpet, yard, bed and on your pets. Some people think that fleas are only on their pets but actually only 5 % of fleas are on your pets and the remaining 95% are in your yard and house. They are […]

Why do cats knead?

Normally all the cats knead when they feel contended and with their front paws start pushing the surface on which they are standing. Kneading always comes before a cat is trying to sleep and generally cats purr while kneading. It is very common among kittens […]

Why do birds sing at night?

One of the reasons that why birds sings at night could be that they get disturbed by the strong winds or rainfall that has woken them up from the sleep. Another reason for the birds to sing at night is predators. If they see some […]

Why do dog lick on feet?

Mostly all the dogs lick on the feet. This is the way to tell that he loves you a lot. Licking feet is the most common and easiest way for the dogs to show their love and affection for you and they also expect your […]

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes come back in every summer and disturb you many times by humming around. Mosquito bites also cause itching and spread diseases like yellow fever, dengue, malaria, dog heart worm and west nile virus to humans and animals. Here are some ways by which you […]

How do honeybees make honey?

Many of you may have seen honey combs hanging from trees or high ceilings in gardens, backyards or even homes. However, it is quite surprising that these industrious bees can create honey. Further, how do the bees make honey in the honeycomb? A honeybee starts […]

How do Bot Flies affect a horse?

Bot flies, also known as Oestriday is similar to bees in their overall appearance. They are small and hairy flies, which lay their eggs on the body parts of a horse. They use the horse as a host for their larvae. The usual areas that […]