How to cut dog nails?

It is important to cut your dog nails and it is important too to know when to cut your dog’s nails. If you are not aware of the proper way of cutting the dog nails then it will cause crippling pain in the paws of your dog, can damage the nails forever and even lead to malformations. If you are not aware of how to cut the nails then you must take your dog to groomer or veterinarian.

The dogs that move generally on soft surfaces like grass, sea sand, carpets etc needs the clipping of his nails at very short intervals of time and if your dog stays on hard surfaces then his nails will automatically worn off by the friction and requires less or no clipping of nails.

Start the process of clipping the nails at very young age. Make your dog lye on raised platform or a table and ask someone to strongly hold the dog. Some dogs never resist during the process of cutting nails but they are very rare. Now cut the nails where it starts to loop over. Hold there paws with light pressure between your fingers and thumb and just clip the nails. Trim off the nails after two or three days exactly from the tips don’t go deep that can hurt your dog. Also talk with affection and love with your dog during the process.

dog nailsFor the nail cutting you require nail clippers and trimmers. Strong clippers are required for bigger breeds and very long claws. Some people also use dremel or small file to make the round shape of the nails.

While cutting the thing that is to kept in mind is not to cut the quick which is slightly pinkish in color and easily visible on the nails. Quick is a soft part containing blood vessels and some nerve endings covered by the hard coating of nails. But in black colored nails quick is not at all visible so it is very important to know how to cut the nails of these dogs. It is advised to cut the little nibbles instead of large slices. While clipping small nibbles just look for the dark spot and if it is visible don’t cut further. If by chance bleeding starts while cutting then hold the tissue paper or a pinch of corn flour firmly against the point. You can also keep styptic pen or stick handy which will immediately stops the bleeding.

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