Why do we need body hair?

Hair has many important roles in our body. Let’s discuss them one by one. PROTECTION Hair is one of the important parts of integumentary system of our body. It serves us by preventing the foreign particles like dust to enter the body. For e.g. hair […]

Why does hair turn gray?

Every hair on the head has two important parts. One is shaft which we see as a part growing out and the second one is root, which is present under our scalp and it always firmly holds the hair. A group of tissue surrounds the […]

How hair coloring works?

Prominent ways of hair coloring: 1) Temporary hair coloring: In temporary hair coloring pigment molecules are large in size and do not enter in the cuticle of hair. They only coat the hair which can be removed by shampooing. Products like shampoo, gels sprays etc […]

Why do we have nose hair?

Why we have nose hair? We always heard the answer for this question is that it protects foreign bodies and dust particles to enter in our body which is absolutely true. It acts as a filter for our nasal passages. We should not confuse cilia […]