Why do we blink our eyes?

eyeContinuous process of opening and closing of eyelids is called blinking. A person approximately blinks after every four or five seconds. The first and foremost function of blinking is to spread the lubricant through eyelids and eyelashes. The lubricant is produced within the eyes itself to prevent it from drying. It also prevents injury and provides nutrition.
Another use of blinking is that it prevents the foreign bodies to enter the eye and this prevention is done with the help of eyelashes. They are the small curved hair that automatically lowers down when dust particle approaches our eye or when our eyes get exposed to excessive light.
The research theory of Cardiff university says that when the moisture evaporates from the eye it gets cooler which causes our eye to blink.
When we are concentrating on a particular thing or looking continuously on a keyboard, screen, needle, etc we blink less as compare to the normal situation. This happens because our brain forgets to blink as a result our eyes feel tired. Similarly the rate of blinking increases in smoky room, when we wear lens, or exposed to excessive light.
Research has shown that we blink more quickly when we are not interested in a particular task and also not taking the information inside for processing and vice versa.
Psychological reason is also responsible for blinking of eyes. When we are nervous, in tension or stress we blink more.

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