Why did civil war happen?

King Charles I became the ruler of England and after one year nearly in 1625 he started declaring that he is the man of god and he should have all the powers to rule the country because of divine right. He also said that he did not feel the need of parliament. Here the dispute started and the parliament had withdrawn their help to run the country. Moreover Charles married a Spanish catholic girl, Henrietta Maria which led the parliament to think that whether Charles was catholic? This also contributed to their dislikeK for Charles. After all this Charles introduced new prayer book in Scotland, started decorating the churches and hired William Laud for this purpose. Many people were against this step. Mostly people in Scotland were puritans so they wanted the churches to be simple. Finally the riots break out. They all went in huge debts. Now Charles had no money so to raise the money he has to make legal laws which was not possible without the consent of parliament. So they put a condition that they would agree if the churches were turned back into simple ways which gave another blow to civil war.

He tried to arrest five mp’s which made him loose his supporters and parliament took Charles as tyrant. Some people of parliament wanted that they must get rid of bishops and other wanted to get rid of the catholic changes. So finally voting took place and they got rid of bishops.

Both Charles and Parliament felt the need of army after the Irish rebellion. Parliament wanted that the army should be under its control because they were aware of the Charles anger and were afraid that it will definitely lead to war. Charles had also lost the trust of common people and the control of army goes into the hands of parliament which contributed a lot to the civil war.

The issue for civil war in America was slavery which made groups among the political leaders but to common public the issue was of not much importance because the people in America were mostly farmers and cannot afford slaves. Even very few soldiers in the armies of north and south knew that the they had to either fight against or far for the issue of slavery. At that time it was more economical issue than the moral issue. So to avoid civil war American people and moderate politician wanted slavery to die slowly but the southern side leaders wanted the opposite, that they should have right to own slaves.

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