Who invented the dustpan?

The first dustpan was invented by T.E. McNeill an American inventor in 1858 for which he was granted a United States patent. Lloyd P. Ray, an African American made improvements to the dustpan by the addition of a short wooden handle and a collection plate made of metal and this invention was patented in 1897.

Dustpans are used to pick up dust and dirt after sweeping. These dustpans can be used indoors and outdoors and they are commonly used along with a broom. Today dustpans are available in various types and sizes according to your needs. Dustpans are mostly made of flexible plastic which cannot be easily broken or are made up of durable metal.

With the advancement in technology, today, there are automatic or electric dustpans available in the market. These dustpans automatically pick up the dust or dirt that is swept towards it. The system is in operation only for a second or so to pick up the dirt thus saving energy too.

Dustpans usually have a flat scoop on which you can collect the dust. One side of the dustpan has a handle attached so that it can be easily held or picked up. Dustpans used around households often come with a shorter handle whereas commercial and industrial organizations commonly use a hinged variety with a longer handle that does not require the user to bend constantly while using it. The hand held dustpans could be used either with full-size broom or with a smaller brush called a duster depending on the type of dustpan used.

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