How to get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are the stripes on the skin that are caused due to pregnancy, rapid growth in adolescents or when a person gains large amounts of weight in a very short time. Stretch marks can also occur on the skin of a person who is having steroids; stretch marks are related to hormonal issues and extreme physical stretching of the skin. Because of this physical stretching the small fibers present in our skin (middle layer of skin) breaks up. And once they break up they cannot be repaired. Stretch marks are generally found on buttocks, stomach, breasts or the neighboring areas, hips, thighs, or we can say that stretch marks appear on the areas that can store large amount of fats. The best way to stay away from stretch marks is to avoid getting them because they cannot be completely removed or repaired once broken but can be lightened in one or the other way which makes them less noticeable.

Many lotions and creams are available in the market to improve the appearance of the skin and lighten the stretch marks. Consult your doctor and buy one.
Choose a cream according to your stretch marks like if they are one or more year old then go for the creams that are meant for severe stretch marks.

Laser treatment is very effective for stretch marks because it lightens the marks up to a great extent. It cannot completely remove the marks because torn fibers cannot be repaired.

Cosmetic surgery can remove stretch marks by cutting away the damaged skin but all the damaged skin cannot be removed so cosmetic surgery also improves the appearance of the skin. Moreover it is very expensive.

Exfoliation is another way to improve the appearance. In this process the dead layer of skin is removed and soft fresh skin appears. Use moisturizer after the process to keep the skin hydrated.

Tanning helps to lessen the minor or light stretch marks but before going for it use a good quantity sunscreen.

Vitamin E gel, castor oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, vitamin A, vitamin C, castor oil are very helpful to improve the skin appearance and reduce the stretch marks patches. All the above mentioned oils and gels increase the elasticity and strength of your skin. But before going for any type of treatment, pregnant or nursing woman must consult their doctors.


Have proper and nutritional diet to stay away from stretch marks. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet that contains vitamin A, E, C. along with the nutritional diet do light exercise daily. This will help your skin to appear beautiful and healthy.

Drink the adequate amount of water in a day to keep the skin hydrated and soft. It will also increase the elasticity of the skin.

Take hot baths and massage to improve blood circulation in the body, this will further helps to strengthen the skin.

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