How men should dress?

“First impression is the last impression”. You must have heard this. Whenever you meet a person he creates his first thought about you by looking at your clothes. So dress smartly according to the occasion.

A woman gets attracted by what you wear and how you wear.
Firstly your clothes should be wrinkle free, clean, properly sized and comfortable. By comfortable we mean that clothes in which you can be more confident. Do not wear a pant that bulges your belly. This will not attract women.
On your first date avoid wearing whacky shirts and go for the plain ones. With this you can wear jeans khakis etc. If you have nice body then you can try tight fitting clothes.
If you are going to a very good restaurant then wear a work shirt or dress shirt with decent trousers (do not wear jeans).

We all like to go to the parties but many times cannot decide or get confused about what to wear.

Cocktail party
If the invitation is formal or the party is in the evening then wear a dark suit or dressier business casual clothes like khakis or pants with collared shirt or jacket. But if the invitation is very casual like by phone or email or it is an afternoon cocktail party then you can wear less formal or a nice casual outfit. Wear light weight fabric clothes for summer, bright colors for spring and dark and heavy fabric clothes in winter.

Retirement party
If there is a particular theme or color for the retirement party then you must stick to it otherwise it should be according to the time of the day. For the afternoon party at home men can wear t-shirts, jeans or shorts. But if the party is outside and in the evening you can go for a decent shirt and a formal trouser. Wear a formal pair of shoes.

Interview attire is very important for your first impression. Try to find out what the employees of that particular company wear on the job.
For the job in law and banking industry wear a dark color suit generally navy blue or dark grey, a tie and dark leather lace up shoes.
Wear clean and wrinkle free khakis or slacks, button down shirt with a belt for the companies where suits are not expected. Match your belt with shoes. Wear black shoes with dark color outfits and avoid white socks.

Men should have neatly trimmed facial hair or clean shaven. You should smell well but do not overdo it with perfume. Hair should be nicely combed (short hair is better than long one). Fingernails should be clean and trimmed. You must also cover the tattoos if it possible.
If you are not sure about the right outfit then try to be somewhat formal. Your look must give the impression of credibility and professionalism. Avoid wearing jewellery except your watch.

Always wear a tie if the interview is for IT or creative field, it should match with your outfit and end near your belt.
White color shirt with dark jacket will make you appear authoritative while blue will give the impression that you are approachable and friendly. Wear a leather belt with a small buckle that matches the color of your shoes.

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