What is Chlorobenzene?

There are some chemicals that are normally used in the preparation of different other chemicals and Chlorobenzene is just one of them. It is a kind of aromatic organic compound that is used in different kinds of industries so that they can derive some other chemicals by mixing it with different elements. In the earlier times, Chlorobenzene was also used as pesticides, but now due to certain issues it has been discontinued. However, Chlorobenzene is still used in various rubber industries and also in various herbicides companies.

There are many reasons on why industrial owners prefer to make different products out of Chlorobenzene. The first reason is that the property of Chlorobenzene is very negative in nature and therefore, it does not attack different other chemicals that are mixed with it. Secondly, Chlorobenzene is not very toxic in nature and therefore, people working in industries and factories can use Chlorobenzene without any problem or fear that they might suffer from certain problems if they are exposed to the chemical. There are different names of Chlorobenzene that are used across the world like monochlorobenzene and benzene chloride. It looks very much like the water but it is flammable and therefore, it should be kept away from the fire.

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