How to get rid of mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes come back in every summer and disturb you many times by humming around. Mosquito bites also cause itching and spread diseases like yellow fever, dengue, malaria, dog heart worm and west nile virus to humans and animals. Here are some ways by which you can repel and get rid of mosquitoes:-

Use screens in your doors and windows so that no mosquito can enter your house easily. This is the best method to stay away from mosquitoes inside the house. Keep checking after some days if they need some repair work.

Use mosquito netting over your bed at least for infants. This is another good way to keep your babies away from mosquitoes.

The smoke of citronella candle and torch keep away mosquitoes. It works best in an enclosed area because the smoke cannot easily escape outside.

You can apply vanilla scent as it is not liked by mosquitoes.

Wear full sleeves shirts and full length trousers when you have to go outside especially in the evening because at that time mosquitoes are very active. Or you can stay inside if it is not necessary to go out.

Catnip oil, a natural repellant is very effective and safe on humans. You can either make a spray of it or buy a spray with catnip oil as ingredient. Some people are allergic to catnip oil but they are very rare. If you notice red spots on your skin after applying catnip then immediately wipe off with soap and water.
Some mosquito repelling creams contain chemical like DEET. Do not use these creams as they can even cause tumors and cancer.

You can treat your clothing with permethrin or look it as an ingredient for mosquito repellant. It repels and kills the mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. Some of its effect remains even after washing.
Sometimes mosquitoes develop immunity to a regularly used spray or chemical. So try to change the brand of spray after some days or weeks.

Take a clear plastic bag fill it with water and seal it from the top. Hang this bag in an area you want to keep insect free. It will also repel many other flying pests.

You can use electronic mosquito repellant devices but they are not much effective

Do not let your dogs and cats go outside in the evening or the periods when the mosquitoes are most active.

Remove damp leaves, wood chips, yard trimmings or any other damp organic matter from the yard. Mosquitoes can breed in the water that collects inside them.

One another way is to build bird boxes in your area by which the mosquito eating birds will get attracted and can help you to get rid of mosquitoes.

Look for the sources that cause mosquito infestation in and around your house.

Still water is the major breeding ground for mosquitoes. Old tires, driveway puddles, flowerpots buckets, coffee can, bird feeder, bird bath, garbage can or any other thing that is filled with water for some days are the places where they can easily breed.
Mosquito lay their larvae in the standing water and in about four weeks these larvae become mosquitoes. Check out for the standing water in your home and clean by adding a product that kills larvae or remove the water from cans, buckets, flowerpots etc.

Ornamental ponds are other reason for mosquito breeding but if you add a pump in the pond then the water will get agitated and no longer remains standing water. Another way is that you can stock the pond with bright exotic fish with small native fish. They will keep a check or control on the mosquito larvae population.

If your home or apart have swimming pool then you must maintain its chlorine level.

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