How safe are airplanes?

Airplanes are safer than the automobiles. Chances of dying in a car accident are much more than the chances of dying in a plane crash. It is about one in 11 million in an aircraft while in an automobile the chance of dying is one in 5000 so it is safer to fly in an aircraft than to drive to the airport.

Mostly the plane crash happens because of human errors and the accidents happen just after, before or during the take off or landing. It is very rare that any bad happening occurs during the mid-flight. Other reasons for the disasters in the plane could be terrorists attack, bombs, structural failure etc. it is not safe for an airplane to fly in the storm but pilots can easily manage to stay out of these storms. Mostly they take planes over the storms and if the storm is below near the airport then the pilot has to wait for the storm to pass away or the flight can be diverted to the other airport. But in case if a plane gets involved in a storm then it can really prove disastrous for it.

So the main causes of airplane crashes are – firstly the pilot’s error, then mechanical failure, weather like thunderstorm. Other errors are not proper loading of aircraft, miscommunication, air traffic controller error, fuel contamination, bombs terrorists attack etc. studies in 2007 has shown that the passenger sitting on the back of plane have 40%more chances to survive during the crash as compared to the passengers sitting in the front.

Media shows the plane crash as very big happening and takes it as front page news. This creates fear in the common public that the journey by plane is not safe enough but in actual it is not so. It is much safer than the journey in an automobile.

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