How do clouds form?

Mostly we all had heard that clouds forms because of evaporation but how the whole process works is the question.
Sunrays reach to the ground supplying heat to all the objects and also in the air of our environment. Now this air which had gained heat tends to become lighter in weight so it starts rising causing a low pressure area. The denser air from the surroundings takes its place and the process goes on. More higher we go in the atmosphere the temperature decreases and hence the water vapors starts cooling or we can say it begins to condense and finally takes the shape of water vapors. Now these water vapors stick with each other and we see that clouds are formed in the sky.
Generally water is evaporated from the small water bodies like ponds, lakes, and big water bodies like oceans, seas and rivers. The proper conditions needed for a cloud to form is water vapors and dust particles, smoke particles, salt to bind the droplets together and also favorable temperature.
Different varieties of clouds are formed in the sky which depends on the movement of air, height, quantity of water vapors and particles needed for condensation. One of them is contrail clouds. They are formed by engine of plane. When it releases water vapors in sky they condense at that height in favorable conditions forming ice crystals. It appears as the white line behind the plane. For example on cold winter day when we exhale a little cloud is formed this is because the temperature outside is low and vapors condenses. Same is the case with contrail clouds.

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