Why do cats cough up hairballs?

Your cat appears to be normal and suddenly it feels irritated and after few minutes again return to her normal behavior this is because of hairballs which are irritating her. These hairballs are very common especially in the long-haired cats.

When a grooms itself with the tongue the loose hair sticks with it which goes to their intestines or we can say digestive system and sometimes it remains in the cat’s stomach that irritates her and she tries her best to remove it from the body either by stool or vomiting. If this hairball is not expelled out then the cat will start losing weight, suffer constipation and can block intestinal tract which can even lead to surgery.

By removing the loose hair during the daily grooming and brushing the extra hair from the body will not get into the stomach of cat. This is the one way of prevention. You can also add extra fiber to the diet of your cat after the gap of two days which will help the cat to carry hair out of the body. Lubricants are also available in the market which helps the cat to pass the hair easily and it also tastes good to the cats. You can use a homeopathic medicine “Nux Vomica” which will help to expel all the material causing trouble in the cat’s stomach. You need not to worry if your cat coughs up a hairball occasionally but if it happens very frequently you must consult your veterinarian.

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