What is a blog?

Blog is the short name (abbreviated version) of “weblog”. In simple words, we can say that blog is a type of website or some part of a website. It is the web journal where the blogger ( a person who maintains and adds content to the blog) updates the content and add more articles, text, videos, music, photographs, images, links for other blogs or websites, gives personal views on some burning topic or news, personal experiences, hobbies or anything he wants to share with other people.

Blogs are usually updated daily or weekly, and the post added recently is shown most prominently, or we can say that the recently added post is always on the top of page and previously added posts start going down. Finally, the earlier posted posts disappear. This does not mean that the posts have been deleted from the blog. They always remain in the archive of a blog.

To add content to a blog is not a complex job, it can be done easily by using simple software. This allows the people with little or no technical knowledge to create and maintain a blog.

A reader or a viewer can leave a comment on any article, post, video, etc. Through comments a blogger gets feedback on his posts. He can also delete the comments which he doesn’t like.

Blog is not based on any particular rule; it is whatever you want it to be. It gives you your own voice, and you can share things you want to share on the web like your personal thoughts, a political commentary, links to other websites and blogs, etc. One common misconception in the minds of many people is that, the blog is an online dairy where we can write and share only our personal thoughts and opinions. However, a blog is much more than this.


Personal blogs
It is an individual’s personal diary where he/she can post his/her routine, hobbies, personal thoughts, achievements, or can just communicate with friends and family.

Organizational blogs
Today blogs are used for all kinds of purposes, one of which is business purpose. Organizations create the blogs to improve public relations, enhance marketing and also to advertise about their company or organization.

Genre block
Blogs created to emphasize or focus on a particular field are known as genre blogs for e.g. travel blogs, classical music blogs, political blogs, sports blogs, fashion blogs, educational blogs, etc. some authors create blogs to tell about their new work and gain popularity.

Blogs using different medias
Some blogs contain only video content, they are known as vlogs, some contain only links and are known as linklogs, blogs containing photos, portfolio’s, pictures are known as photoblogs.

Blogs created by different devices
Blogs composed by mobile phone or PDA or any other mobile device is called moblog.

1) The posts are always in the reverse chronological order, the latest on the top and the older one goes to the archive of the blog.
2) Most of the blogs have a list of links to other websites and blogs.
3) Almost all bloggers allow their visitors to leave comments on the posts.
4) Content on the blog is unfiltered content.

You can start a blog without spending any money, the only thing you need is a computer with internet. A blogger can feature some advertisement to promote certain things or to earn money.

Blogs have gained much popularity. There are millions of blogs on the web and have become the important part of the online world. They have a great effect on business, society, politics and many other aspects of life. In December 2007 a blog search engine technorati tracked more than 112,000,000 blogs on the web. Blogs will surely become more popular in the future.

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