How to keep score in Tennis?

Tennis is one of the most popular international games that are played in the present days. The winner of a tennis match is generally determined by analyzing the results of three or five sets. The scoring process of tennis is different from many other games and someone who wants to understand the game need to have a clear understanding of how to keep the tennis scores. The term, ‘love’ is meant to denote scores from 0 to 3. The other scoring terms used in the game are fifteen, thirty and forty.

Framework of a Tennis Game

The framework of tennis matches is quite simple. If you pay a little attention, it will not be a tough task for you to understand the framework of this popular game. Generally, a tennis match is comprised of two or three sets. For winning a set, a player needs to win at least six games. Scores of the game, start from love and as the game progresses, the scores will be denoted as fifteen love, thirty love and forty love.

Process to Determine the Winner of a Game

The winner of a tennis match is generally declared after the completion of three or five sets. For men’s tennis as well as women’s tennis, the player, who wins the first couple of sets, is crowned as the winner of the game. So if the player wins 2 sets out of 3 sets, then that person is declared the winner. In cases where a player wins 2 consecutive sets, he or she is crowned the winner without the third set being played.

However, the process of declaring the winner, in the Olympics final as well as in the Grand Slam matches is slightly different. Among the two tennis players, the player, who clinches victory in the first three sets, is declared as the winner of the match.

To avoid any kind of confusion, one thing that is to be noted in this context is that sets are comprised of games. On the other hand, games are comprised of points. The person who has won the maximum number of games is usually declared the winner.

Who gets to make the make first serve?

Like many other games, toss forms an important part of tennis matches too. To determine, which player will make the first serve, generally a coin is flipped before the match starts. In some cases, it is also determined by spinning a racket.

The player, who wins the toss, decides whether he or she wants to take first serving or give the opponent the opportunity to serve. Not only that, but also the player who wins the toss has the opportunity to decide, which side of the tennis court would he or she like to take for playing the game. In case, a player who has won the toss does not want to take any decision, he or she has the right to leave the choices to the other player, who has lost the toss. The player who takes the first serve has to serve until the end of the game. Once a game is over, the serve automatically goes to the other player. The rules of tennis are simple; you just need to check them properly to get a better understanding.

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