Why do mosquitoes bite itch?

mosquitoThe reason behind why mosquito bites itch is that it takes away some blood from the body as well as leaves her saliva in the body. It is this saliva which enters the body and causes itching. Saliva of female mosquito prevents the blood to clot because it has the blood thinner or we can say anticoagulants, with this she also leaves a part of her proteins which cannot be avoided to enter along with the saliva. Type of chemicals called HISTAMINE attach with these outside proteins which further causes itching on the body part where the mosquito has bitten because the cells of that part get affected.
Itching remains till our body immunity does not throw these proteins out. We might have noticed that mosquito bite affects more in the kids than to the adults. This is because we become immune to the saliva as we grow older. Our body becomes habitual to these small doses of saliva. That is why adults sometimes do not notice about the mosquito bites. They notice only when a red bump is appeared on their skin.
If a person is not bitten by a mosquito for a long time then he loses this immunity for itching and feels itchy again whenever a mosquito bite.
It is better not to scratch the inflamed or bitten area because that damages the affected cells and mosquito saliva can affect the other nearby cells.
Here one thing is necessary to mention that only female mosquito bites cause itching .

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    I live in Maryland and within the past 2 summers we have seen a huge increase in the “Black Tiger” mosquito. They are relentless!! They will actually chase you to get a bite, and they are extremely itchy!! I have tried different repellents (I would like to try OFF’s Clip ON, but think it may not be enough) and found that Avon’s Skin So Soft Oil seems to really keep them away! Another good thing is Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple Cleanser, I just rub the creamy cleanser all over my legs like a lotion, it keeps them away & when I come in it rinses right off in the shower or with a wet washcloth. This was a very helpful article! Thanks!

    It may sound crazy but if you feel you have been bitten by a mosquito just forget about it and never never even touch it. In few hours any itch dissapears and you even prevent any inflammation appearing and you feel you have been never bitten by that mosquito

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