How to speed up my computer?

There can be many reasons for your computer running slow. By removing these problems you can speed up your computer. Some people think that their computer is getting slower because it is old now. But this is not the reason. Your computer should be as fast as it was on its first day. There are some ways by which you can speed up your computer easily:-

Low disk space can make your computer slow. So you must delete the unnecessary files on the hard disk or the files that are no longer useful. You must keep at least 20% of the total space of the hard drive free for your computer to run fast. This much space will be enough for the computer to work fast.

You must defragment your hard drive to bring the fragmented spaces together which can be used again. It also brings the displaced files in a sequence that allows the windows to access it easily and hence your computer speeds up.
For this first of all go to “Start menu” then “All programs”, “Accessories”, “System tools”, then to “Disk fragmenter” and finally hit the “Defragment” button. For proper defragmentation your hard drive must have at least 15 % of free space but this will take time. More free space will decrease the time of defragmentation. So try to delete the unnecessary files before defragmenting the drives.

RAM (random access memory)
It is the temporary memory of a computer and is used when different programs execute some tasks. So there should be enough RAM for the proper execution of the tasks otherwise it will become very slow in booting as well as processing.
After installing programs if you notice that your computer has become slow or it freezes while processing large files then this is an indication that you need extra RAM for your computer because RAM is needed for the programs that are installed.

Your computer may be infected by a virus, Trojan, worm or malware which is another cause for your computer getting slow. To stay away from viruses you must install and run a good antivirus which will detect the infected files and remove them from your computer. This is the best way to speed up and improve the performance of your system. Today many antiviruses are available and you can choose a good one for your computer.
After removing the viruses if your computer is still running slow then it may be infected by the spyware. Try to remove it from your system with help of antispyware. If this also doesn’t work then it means your operating system is infected too much. So at that time backup your data on an external drive and format the computer drives after that install the operating system and programs. You can also now take back the data from the external drive.

Sometimes your computer is doing a task which lasts for two or three days. This creates some temporary files on hard drive. This is one reason for your computer getting slow because these files consume memory. By removing these files you can speed up your computer. Firstly click “My computer” then “C” drives. There is a folder named “Windows” open this folder and look for another folder named “Temp”. Right click on “Temp” and you will get the options. Click on the “details”. Finally delete all the files that are older than the present date.
You should also remove temporary internet files. First go to “Start” menu then “Control panel”, “Internet options” and look for a block named “Temporary internet files”. In this block click “Delete cookies” and “Delete files”. After deleting the files reboot the computer. By removing temporary files you can improve the performance of your system.

When you delete a file from your system it goes to recycle bin and disappears from that folder. This happens because if by mistake a file gets deleted then you can restore it from recycle bin. These files consume space and hence computer becomes slow. Empty recycle bin after two or three weeks.

Unnecessary programs that are running in the background also slow down the speed of computer because they consume memory and processing power. You can see these programs in system tray. Most of them you do not need. So it is better to turn off these programs. In windows 2000 you have to download and run MSCONFIG.
To turn off these programs go to start, run and then type “msconfig”. You will see the list of all background programs. Now turn off all the unnecessary programs and keep the necessary ones like: – scan registry, task monitor, ctfmon.exe., system tray, antivirus program, rundell and load power profile. You can turn off AOL, Nerocheck, Instant messaging programs, Y paget etc. after this reboot your computer and you will find that your windows loads much faster. Now you will have a box which tells you about the changes in configuration utility. Check the option to not to show that in future.

By running error checking utility you can scan hard drive for bad sectors and it will find out the damaged system files. Fist of all open “My computer” and right click on the disk you want to check. After this go to properties and click tools tab. There you will find a box named “Error checking”, click “check now”. A dialog box of “check disk” will appear. Finally check the scan option and then click “start”. Now fix the bad sectors. This will definitely improves the speed of your system.

Numbers of visual effects are provided by the windows XP. For e.g.:- fading menus, animated windows etc. these effects look nice but they decrease the speed of computer. So turn off these effects for the better performance or to speed up your computer.

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