Why do people have dimples?

Having dimples on your cheeks provide cuteness to your face. It is a small natural depression or indentation of skin on the cheeks or the chin caused due to the flesh below. We can easily recognize dimples on some people’s face when they smile. Dimples are a genetic trait. If one of the parents has dimples then there are 25-50% chances that the child will inherit the gene and if both the parents have dimples then the chances for inheriting the gene is 50-100%. You can easily find someone having dimples in your office, college or neighborhood. In many cultures dimples are considered very attractive.

No doubt dimples make your face cute and attractive but it is a kind of birth defect and it shows that the “malformations” are not always bad. The muscle is shorter in length in the people having dimples on their face whereas the size of muscle is normal in the people who do not have dimples. This is caused because of some fault in the development of subcutaneous connective tissue. Dimples can be on the other parts of body but they are not of much importance as of the face is may be because they are easily visible on the face.

You must have observed that the babies have dimples but they gradually disappears as the child grows up this is because the muscle grows with the age and comes to its normal size which in turn vanishes the dimples. Dimples of your face changes with the time as the muscle develop sor loosen or the fat in your cheek increases or decreases.

There are different types of dimples on the face. Generally people have dimples on both the cheek but in some cases they have only one dimple on a cheek and no dimple on the other one. With this some people may have a dimple on their chin called cleft chin. Dimple on the chin is not hereditary. It occurs due to the incomplete intermingling of the both left and right halves of the lower jaw during embryological development.

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    Idk if thrr dimples or not but I have indents in my nose like dimples my mom calls them dimples and when I smile with my mouth closed I have dimples at the corners of my lips and if I smile with my mouth opened I have dimples Down closer to my chin

    i have a dimple and i think it does make me look better nd i luv it

    i dont knoe wat yall talkin bout musles and every thing but yall got 1 think corrct it does make ppl look better

    i have dimple only on mt left cheek…people still day i look good but i wish u had them on both cheeks….i did have them on both when i was a kid but i only have one now…….i really love my dimple!!!!!!! =D

    no one in my family has dimples im the only one so i dont know how i got them but i love the,!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have one dimple

    but you can only see it when i smile really big

    and it isn’t that noticeable

    i wish i had 2 deep dimples.

    many members in my family have them

    im so jealous

    I have seven children,and my three daughter and two of my sons have dimples no one else in our family have any. I have two deep dimple. A lady told me dimple come from before you was born the angels would visit and play with you,and after your born they are glad to see you ,and they kiss you,and the print of the angels lips was to let everyone know that you was kiss by an angels.

    I have two dimples bellow my eyes (right one is deeper) I have one very shawllow one on my right cheek, I have a little dimples on the left side bellow my lip. Weird right.

    I simply adore dimples, they are incredibly cute. I wasn’t born with dimples but I always wished that I had them. I realised later that if you smile pushing your cheeks behind first small dimples appear but if you smile with the corner of your mouth they don’t. After getting small dimples on the side of your mouth you can press the dimple in so they appear deeper especially just before a photo. It worth a try. xx

    having a dimple makes look and feel beautifull but some of my jeaious think it is a malfunction but i dont think thats why i decided to search. i want to really more.

    i have dimples. i have 1 on my cheek and 2 on the other cheek and 1 on each corner of my lip its kinda having that many dimples and how did i come out with so many my dad has only 1 and my mom doesn’t have any

    i have very deep dimples on both sides n i think its weird i dont c what all the fuss is about lol even though i really cant imagine how i look with out them n now that i think of it i have never seen an ugly person with dimples so i guess the look theory is true lol

    I use to have two dimples and now i only have one. i wish i didnt lose my other dimple but am still thankful that I still have one and people really admire me and think that am cute especially the males.

    lol i have 3 dimples, one on my left cheek and 2 on the right cheek haha i was told it was because i smile a lot but yeah, having dimples are definately a plus! i could do without all the cheek pinching though >.<

    Yaaay i have Dimples ..used to get called dolly dimples when i was a kid ..all my 5 boys have inherited them frm me too. I have 2 dimples one deep one on my right cheek and one slightly fainter one on the left cheek..4 sons have them on their cheeks too and one son has a deep dimple like kirk douglas on his chin..i love dimples they some how make the face look more interesting . I wish i had a deep dimple on my chin though like my son ..dimples on the chin are sooo beautiful ..you have all been kissed by an angel b4 you were born thats to everyone who has a dimple including myself , of course ! :))

    I have 3 dimples! One on each cheek and one on my chin. I can’t stand my dimples! They aren’t cute I don’t see why people say that my dimples are cute.

    There’s no good or bad defect,just like there’s no good or bad luck.What’s the meaning of defect?There’s no fault or disadvantage in having dimple(s) because having dimples shouldn’t be associated with weakness,disadvantage,fault,flaw,imperfection,deficiency etc.No matter how vivid the dimples on someone’s cheeks are,whether you notice any slight difference in terms of comparison or not,we all donot have equal organs that grow in pairs.For example;the breast,wrist,feet etc..My left breast is bigger than my right breast-I noticed this after my first pregnancy,my left wrist is bigger than my right wrist-I notice this when I wear bangles,so is my feet and other places I’m yet t discover.These things have not been related to ‘DEFECT’ so why should dimples be related to defect?I’m a beautiful girl with dimples on my cheeks;it makes me give any man the best head ever and I find it as an advantage over other girls with no dimples.The best ponography star also has dimples on her waist line and cheeks too;That is also an advantage she has over other ponography stars.Girls with dimples have a better organised set of teeth and a condusive compartment in their mouths t give a man a better head than other girls with no dimple.I’m guessing that the people who wrote this article on dimples don’t have any and have biased thoughts of people with dimples.

    My wife had dimples. Her beautiful smile is what made me fall in love with her. She

    passed last December. When I see lady with demples, I feel a very warm feeling in my

    heart. I was truly blessed.

    My daughter has 2 dimples in the center of her forehead. It does look kinda funny. I’m scared she won’t like them. Does anyone else have this? Did it go away when you get older?

    I have dimples on both my cheek but i don’t believe the fact that it is genetic or a biological abnormality. None of my parents have dimple, so how was i able to. my sis also have a little. My mum told me that if you press the cheek of a new born several times, at d same spot for a long time, d child will ave dimple. That’s exactly what she did for me and i love them. ITS NOT A MUSCLE PROBLEM I BELIEVE

    My wife recently had a babe and he got a dimple in his chin, which is really cute. However, I am suspicious as no one in my family and her family has a dimple. Before the marriage we broke up for a shot time and then when got back together she got pregnant. Now I am not sure if the babe is mine. Should I do a DNA test just in case? He looks like someone that I know. I don’t really know what to do, help!!!!

    Every time I see someone with dimples I get so inexplicably jealous I want to melt into a puddle of green goop!

    For example: Harry Styles of the band One Direction. THE ONLY REASON I KNOW HIS NAME IS BECAUSE OF THE DIMPLES ON HIS FACE.

    So anyhow, I’ve had this obsession for probably five years now (I’m 18 now) and ever since I was was 13 I used to stick my fingers in my cheeks where I wanted the dimples to be. I think I messed up the muscle there or something because I have a slight dimple on my left cheek now. I do it frequently and especially when I’m about to go out I JUST LOVE DIMPLES!!!!

    I pray to god that all my children WILLL have dimples 😀

    I don’t think i had dimples as a child, but now, at the age of 18, i do. But the thing is, i don’t have the deep dimples (like i want!). I still have a lot of baby fat in my cheeks so i think that is quite a large factor into why i have dimples. I’m scared that if i lose weight my dimples will fade =(. Does any one know if that will happen?

    my friend use to tell her younger brothers that dimples came from when they were in the oven and god would take a spoon and test them to see if they were done, and the number of dimples they had was how many times god had to test them.

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