Why do cats sneeze?

Coughing in cats is often because of hairballs whereas sneezing is because something is irritating the cat’s nose. Both coughing and sneezing in a cat shows that there might be some infection in the respiratory parts and need a vet for consultation.

Veterinarian says that sneezing in cats is because of some problem in feline herps ailment. This can develop sinus problem and nasal polyps of the cat gets irritated and infected. This herps virus makes the cat to sneeze frequently for nearly three weeks. When the flare up diminishes the nasal passage is cleared up cat again becomes normal.

Another reason for this is feline leukemia virus. This is also a complication in the feline ailment and cats are vaccinated against it. If this disease occurs in a cat it weakens the immune system and they become more susceptible to asthma and sinus infections of respiratory ailments.

catTo investigate about the surroundings felines take much help of their nose but their nose is too sensitive and if some dust particles or pollen enters the nose then it causes irritation leading the cat to sneeze rapidly.

Mold is also a reason for the cat’s sneezing. Microscopic mold spores can irritate your cat’s nose. The only thing you can do is to not let your cat goes around that area or to remove the mold from that place.

Infections in the tooth and gums can also lead the cat to sneeze because it affects the surrounding nasal passages. Dental infection can be recognized by swelling and redness in the gums. Cats also start sneezing if the molecules of perfume, air fresheners and dust particles enter in the nose of cat.

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