How was the universe created?

The most common and acceptable theory about the creation of universe is “the big bang theory” which suggests that there was a very small point of light having unimaginable density and heat energy which exploded spontaneously nearly 15 billion years ago just before the beginning of universe. This theory has come up with the explanation of many mechanisms of universe but still there are a lot many questions which have not been answered yet.

A theory is given by Andrei Linde a professor in physics which is known as “the self reproducing inflationary universe” and it claims that new universes are constantly spawned by the universe in a fraction of a second. If the inflation field energy falls below a particular level then space stops to expand and the left energy changes the particles which form the universe. This inflation can be a big bang for a new universe. Our place in the universe is too less in energy to produce a new universe but other regions can if the energy reaches to a certain level. The same might has happened with our universe. In one of his interviews Linde said that if life disappears from our place then it can take birth again at some other place. Because of the resistance of other scientists about it he said that it is a very simple theory but we are not accepting it because of our psychological barriers.

How the universe came into existence is still debated. A lot more discoveries still have to be made to know its origin. Whether god created universe or something like big bang had happened we are not sure about it but we know that something big had happened resulting in the universe.

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    It is generally believed that the Universe was created through ‘Big Bang’ wherein light of unimaginable density exploded about 15 billion years ago. But what shocks me is that nobody explains wherefrom the light / mass of unimabinable density came from; what caused the explosion and how some parts became stars, some planets, some satellites, some comets with such wide range of characterstics and so on. Another explanation is that God created the Universe – If God created the Universe than comes the question – who created God? Why doesn’t anybody answer the question – Who created God!

    Its the dark energy (unknown source energy) that made the universe by getting exploded. But is there any proof for this dark energy ? , If it is a self- produced energy, then will there be another explosion(big-bang) again?

    Also we believe the space is vaccum and the the universe continues expanding, Is there any proof for this too?

    There are many hypotheses on how the universe came into existence the most popular being the Bing Bang Theory. The thing to note that these are predicted models and for some reason the BBT has been able to get more press than the other models such as the steady state universe or the one thst is described through plasma cosmolgy using magneto hydro dynamics to explain the observed nature of the universe as we currently see it. The question of who made the universe does not fall in the scientific domain it is more a function of the prevailent human pyschology that evolved to perceive the universe as a causal arena where definite actions are followed by certain reactions. In reality the situation is much more random and chaos is what is observed as the main state in which nature exists. We cannot expect the universe to conform to laws developed by humans.

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