Who invented the DVD?

Who invented the DVD?

DVD also known as Digital Video Disk was invented in 1995 and the invention is a group effort of companies the following companies namely; Sony, Philips, Toshiba and Time Warner. Many other company representatives have also contributed in different working groups to this invention.

DVD is the successor of CD (Compact Disk) and connected technologies. Two DVD formats were proposed by different groups of companies. One was MMCD (Multimedia Compact Disk) format which was backed by Sony and Philips. The other was the SD format and it was backed by Matsushita, Time Warner, Toshiba, JVC, Thomson, Pioneer, Hitachi and Mitsubishi. Finally the companies decided to unify their format and the final format was released in 1995.

The main uses of DVD are data and video storage. DVD has the same dimensions as CD but can store almost seven times more data than a CD. There are different variations of the term DVD indicating the method of data storage on disks. DVD-ROM (read only memory) contains data that cannot be written but only read. In DVD+R (recordable) and DVD-R, data can be recorded only once. In DVD+RW (rewritable), DVD-RW and DVD-RAM (random access memory) data can be recorded and erased multiple times. DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs refer to audio and video content which is properly structured and formatted. Other DVD types which include those containing video content could be referred to as DVD Data Discs.

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