When was the first car made?

After the invention of wheel man started inventing different types of vehicles that could run on roads. It is said that in 1678 father Ferdinand Verbiest presented a steam powered vehicle to the emperor of China. But no proofs are available for this so people took it as it was a model.

The first self propelled car was made in 1769 which was designed by Nicolas Cugnot and constructed by M Brezin. It can run at the maximum speed of 6 kilometers in an hour. Another engine driven by steam was invented by Nicolas ran faster than the earlier and it struck the wall which was the world’s first accident.

After these steam engine first internal combustion engine was made by Francois Isaac in year 1807. These engines had to wait till the fuel was available for the combustion. The internal combustion engine used a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen for energy generation. After this many more designs with combustion engine came into existence in early 19’s but it gets negligible commercial success. Jean Joseph in 1860 designed an engine which was two stroke gas driven and in 1862 another gas driven engine was made by him whose speed was 3 kilometers per hour. These cars became popular and up to 1865. In the year 1868 Siegfried Marcus made a car having 3/4 horse power at 500 rpm. He showed that car in the exhibition of Vienna in 1873.

In 1885 the first car came over the roads. Before this many successful attempts were made but they were steam-powered vehicles.

In 1885 four-stroke engine came into existence. Gottileb Daimler’s created his own engines which are used in horseless vehicles or four wheeled vehicles and cars both. These were mostly like today’s car with these cars came the era of speed. Unknown of Karl Benz who invented tri-cycle lived only 60 miles away from Daimler and never knew or met each other and it became the first true car. Many experiments were carried on after this. Henry Ford was also working on this and in 1896 made his Quadricycle which was the first car this car uses two cylinders gasoline engines and was automobile powered. He further established his company and his car became very famous.

Early steam powered vehicles were heavy and can run only on smooth surfaces which needed rail like surfaces. So many experiments were made in 1830’s in England to move a car that did not require rails.

The Rolls Royce car in 1906 with six cylinders was completed in 1925. it was the best piece of technology and engineering available at that time and these cars still run silently and smoothly even today.

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