How to choose the right mountain bike?

With the rising popularity of mountain biking, the demand for mountain bikes has suddenly increased. This is the reason that the bikes come in many price ranges. Some mountain bikes are priced reasonably, while others can be extremely expensive. At times, it can get quite confusing for a person to choose the right mountain bike for himself or herself. With many styles to choose from, it can be a difficult decision to make.

Best probable mountain bike

There are no hard-and-fast rules for purchasing the mountain bike. The choice of the mountain bike should depend on your own riding preference. Also keep in mind the terrain when you want to choose a mountain bike for yourself.

Categories of mountain bikes

There are many types and brands of mountain bikes that are available all over the world. However, the best ones are Cross Country (XC), All Mountain (Trailbikes), Freeride, and Downhill (DH). Depending on the use of the mountain bikes, the rider can choose the type of the bike that he/she will prefer the most.

Different types of mountain bikes are available for those that use them as recreational sports in contrast to those that take their bikes on real mountain biking. The terrain on which the mountain bike will be used also makes a lot of difference to the type of mountain bike that should be chosen. Users can choose the bikes for riding up the mountain trails ride on technical downhill courses or perform stunts with the bike.

All Mountain (Trail Bikes)

The All Mountain (Trail Bikes) is one of the best options. They appeal to every class of mountain bikers. They can be used for performing stunts as well as riding on the mountain trails. They have a strong grip and can prevent the rider from slipping as well.

Cross Country (XC) and Freeride bikes

Cross Country (XC) bikes are the lightest bikes. However, they are not the right choice for riding the mountain trails or rough terrain. In contrast, free-ride bikes are the best bikes for forceful trails along with jumps or simple stunts. Since they are extremely light, they are used by those that love to perform stunts with their bikes. These bikes enable the users to perform the stunts on any surface easily. They are manufactured in such a way, that they enable the riders to climb the hills, but with some effort. But without a doubt, these bikes are both sturdy and tough.

Downhill (DH)

Downhill (DH) are getting common these days and these bikes have been built for downhill racing, in particular. Downhill bikes are not meant for rough mountain climbing. They are best for technical events and racing downhill.

Depending on the type of biking activity that you like, choose the mountain bike that will complement your biking style. Appropriate safety gear should always be worn. Helmets should be worn while biking in rough terrain and performing stunts as they protect the head from injuries. Knee and elbow pads also protect the rider from getting hurt.

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