Who invented Fencing?

Fencing is a combat sport in which two participants test their skills in a duel using weapons made of blades as thin as foils which look like long thin swords. Cordouan Gonzalo in 1510 is believed to have invented the art of fencing as we know it today. Fencing is known to have been practiced in Europe in 1872. The French School of Fencing promoted the art of fencing in 18th century and this contributed to the development of modern fencing in the 19th century.

Fencing has been one of the regular sports in major International games like Olympics. The three fencing weapons used in a duel are:

• Foil: With this light blade you are restricted to target the torso and back and you cannot target the arms. Hits scored by the tips of this weapon are valid.

• Sabre: With this cutting and thrusting weapon all areas above waist except hands are valid targets. Since it is a slashing weapon, the hits scored by the sides as well as the tip are valid. Like with the foil only one player can score a point at a time.

• Epee: This is also a thrusting weapon, but a heavy one. The entire body of the opponent is the target. Only tips must be used to score a hit. Hits with sides of the blade are not allowed. Epee fencers can score simultaneous hits.

Puncture resistant fabrics are used for better protection against accidents. Fencing masks are also used in order to protect the head, face and neck of a participant and it has see through visors.

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