Who invented baseball?

Alexander Joy Cartwright invented the modern form of baseball that we see today. The earliest publication on baseball was in 1774 in England. Baseball is adapted from the English game of rounders.

The Invention
In 1845, Alexander Joy Cartwright from New York, first came up with the idea of the game and the baseball field. He along with his fellow mates of New York Knickerboxer Baseball Club; formed the rules and the regulations of the modern game that we see today.

The First Game
The first ever recorded game was between the New York Knickerboxer Baseball Club and the New York Baseball club in the year 1846. Much to Cartwright’s dismay, the Knickerbockers’ lost the game.

There have been myths surrounding who invented baseball. In 1907, a special commission was assembled to find the inventor of baseball. They concluded that the real inventor was a civil war hero, Abner Doubleday. This claim was supported by the testimony of Abner Graves, whose credibility was questioned after he was found criminally insane. Also after the death of Abner Doubleday, several letters and documents were found, none of which seconded the theory that was the inventor of the game.

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