How to reduce your carbon footprint?

Living a more environmental friendly lifestyle will reduce the carbon dioxide levels generated by you. There are a number of ways to live a green life. While some of them may not be feasible, you can go for a host of others and contribute positively to the environment. Moreover, a green living may cost you nothing extra…it may even save money!

Your immediate environment

The immediate environment of any person is the locality that he/she lives in. If you don’t have a garden around your house, you can better the roadsides and parks around. Try these out.

• Instead of planting annual plants, try the perennial ones.

• You can be self sufficient to an extent by planting edibles. This will greatly reduce your carbon footprint. Fruit trees, bushes, vines and ground covers help a lot.

• Try to avoid dust generating instruments like dust blowers.

• A compost barrel will make you new soil. Dump all your waste in the barrel, including your dog’s leavings. When decomposed they will turn out to be soil rich in manures. This way, you can return the nutrients back to the land.

• Recycled wood chips helps retain moisture, prevent erosion and keep the weeds low.

• Avoid using pesticides. Rather, a greater number of plants will house natural predators which will clear the pests.

• Water your plants regularly.

• Equipments such as ladders and chain saws which you rarely use must be borrowed. Don’t waste money on them.

• Instead of throwing away of burning dry leaves, put them in the compost heap.

• Use waste water from your household to be used in the garden.
There are various items that are available as a recycled product, but we tend to buy a fresh one and dump it after use.

• Print on both sides of the paper. Avoid printing the pages which you will dump a moment later. Try saving on paper and ink.

• Reuse paper clips, folders and envelopes.

• Rather than distributing separate copies to each employee use a bulletin board if you are in charge of the thing.

• Avoid paper towels and switch over to cloth towels.

• Don’t buy a new printer cartridge, instead refill the empty one.

• Turn off the lights and fans when you don’t need them.

• Water bottles can be reused and can be substituted for paper cups.


Automobiles and vehicles are responsible for the maximum amount of carbon emission. You can reduce automobile emission through the following.

• Having your office around the same locality of that of your house is a good thing for the environment. You will have to make lesser trips to your office.

• Walking is a good habit. Try to use mass transportation, cycle, or bike for your travel needs.

• Hybrid vehicles are energy efficient.

• Use redial tires and keep them in proper conditions.

• Increase consumption of organic food. It also keeps most of the diseases away.

• Buy products produced locally and avoid non-veg items in your diet.

Following these, you can yourself be a savior for the degrading environment.

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