How to loose belly fat?

There are so many ways to loose belly fat. Some do it rapidly and others can take much time. Fat cells always remain in our body until we go for a surgery but there is no need of surgery as we have other better ways to shrink the fat cells. Let’s have a look on them.

The first and foremost requirement for reducing belly is to have control on diet by control we mean that we must avoid unhealthy food like deep-fried oily food, polished rice etc. we have to adjust our diet so that we should come a point where calories consumed by our body will be less than the calories we burn. The results can be increased with regular exercise which will help to burn more calories and if we would not do the physical workout and remain seated most of the time then we will definitely put on weight and some of it can be seen around the belly.

Exercise alone will not work much as it is a long process and burn nearly 500 calories for very hard work out. It is the general view of people that only exercise will show the results for the fat that is accumulated on the belly. More is the belly more will be time to reduce. Both exercise and control on diet can give desired results. Try to change the exercise patterns after few days which will further enhance the results.

Other way of reducing belly is a dieting technique known as “calorie shifting”. We can say it is the simplest way to reduce the belly. This is a simple process in which we have to take every meal of the day having different calorie value and keep on changing the sequence in which you eat after one or two days. This will give your body a change and it will not be habitual to a particular sequence or diet. It also increases the process of metabolism and burning of fat by which the extra fats from the body starts burning and you will see the reducing belly. It cannot be categorized under the term “dieting” because in this procedure you can have any type of food. This is a continuous process and works even if we are sleeping. So off course it is the better way than conventional dieting and exercise.

We can also reduce belly by using anti-stress methods which will control the production of cortisol hormone in our body. Cortisol keeps control over the carbohydrate metabolism and our blood pressure. Whenever your stress level is increased the cortisol also increases energy by forming glucose, which will further change to fats. Supplements are also available for regulating cortisol but that is not a healthy way.

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