How to buy a computer?

To a buy a computer we have to look for certain things according to our need, necessity and budget. These are: – processor speed random access memory (RAM) storage capacity of hard disk, graphics capability etc. First of all decide that whether you want to […]

What cause a rainbow?

We have often seen rainbow in the sky after it has rained. When the light coming from the sun passes through the tiny droplets of water in the air exactly after it has rained we are able to see rainbow in the sky. We know […]

Why do people have dimples?

Having dimples on your cheeks provide cuteness to your face. It is a small natural depression or indentation of skin on the cheeks or the chin caused due to the flesh below. We can easily recognize dimples on some people’s face when they smile. Dimples […]

How to clean plastic surfaces?

Plastics are used in many products. It provides protective surface for countertops and cabinets also. Plastic surfaces can be easily cleaned. Things required to clean plastics are:- Kitchen cleaner spray Mild detergent Warm water Sponge Nylon bristled brush Mild glass cleaner Soft cloths Plastics do […]

How to speed up my computer?

There can be many reasons for your computer running slow. By removing these problems you can speed up your computer. Some people think that their computer is getting slower because it is old now. But this is not the reason. Your computer should be as […]

When was electricity invented?

George Carlin says “electricity is just organized lightening” or we can say that electricity always existed it was not invented instead it was discovered. It has become a very important part of today’s life. Most of the things and appliances we use run on electricity. […]

How does a camera work?

Photography is a passion shared by professionals and amateurs alike. With the advent of modern digital technology, it has become extremely simple to click, store, send and print the pictures. Photographs are an excellent way of storing your memories. Traditional Cameras use the varying light […]

How do forest fires affects humans?

Forest fire is both bad and good for human. It is bad because it destroys many valuable trees and plants while it is good because of forests regeneration and give tangible benefits to local communities. BAD EFFECTS 1) Forest fire releases biomass smoke which has […]

How do we find directions in the sea?

Mariners have always used the position of the latitude and the longitude to seek directions in the sea as well as mark their relative positions in the sea. Historically, they would calculate their position by looking at the North Star Polaris with a sextant when […]

What is Chickenpox?

If we are talking about some of the most contagious diseases in the world then we have to talk about chickenpox, which is highly contagious and can spread quickly through cough and sneezes of a person. Hence, a lot of precaution has to be taken […]