What is 3D imaging?

Before discussing about 3D imaging let’s talk briefly about its meaning. 3D is an abbreviation used for three dimensional i.e a thing object vision or illusion that is visible in its three dimensions (length, breadth, and height or depth). Even we also move in our surroundings in three dimensions, without knowing it consciously.

When we present a three-dimensional picture or image on a two- dimensional surface with the help of technology creating the optical illusion of height, or we can say depth is called 3D imaging.

The concept of 3D imaging is based on the natural viewing of our eyes and perception of image in our brains. Human eyes have stereoscopic vision i.e. it views a thing as two different images. Both the eyes create two separate images. The point at which these two images coincide is called the point of convergence. At this point, the two images are combined by the brains into one image. Same happens when we use 3D imaging. Two different images are created and are overlapped, what happens at the point of convergence in our eyes is created on the surface screen, or in other words, we can say that the point of convergence is created on the screen which further creates the illusion of depth.

So we can say that in the process of 3D imaging, the illusion of depth is created and made visible to the spectators.

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