How to get rid of scabies?

“Scabies” is a Latin word which means ‘itch’. It is a skin disease caused by direct contact with the people suffering from it or using their clothes, towels and linens. Earlier people thought that scabies only spread sexually, but that was a wrong belief. A mite named Sarcoptes Scabie triggers the disease by burrowing deep inside the skin generally in armpits, on buttocks, around breasts, in between fingers, around ankles, soles of feet, back of elbows etc. There these mites lay eggs which when become mites again start burrowing the area causing the rash to spread. We cannot see these mites with naked eyes because they are of nearly 0.3mm in length.

You suspect scabies only when you experience itching on an abdomen, armpits, nipples, beltline, buttocks, genitalia, between fingers and toes etc. especially at night. If you will not take proper treatment or care about scabies then it will go on increasing.
Doctor will easily diagnose that whether you are infected with scabies and once he becomes sure he will recommend you a treatment. Start the treatment as soon as it is diagnosed.

First of all wash, pets, family, clothing, bed linens and yourself properly with soap and water. After washing leave the clothes and bed linens in the sun to dry also regularly vacuum carpets, floor and furniture etc while having scabies treatment. These mites cannot survive more than 36 hours without a host.


You can use ointment known as lindane (hexacholorocyclohexane). It will cure scabies but can also harm you in other ways and is very risky. It can cause seizures on the skin having rashes. It should be strictly avoided by pregnant women and very small children.

This is also a toxic ointment so do not use it without your doctor’s recommendation especially on infants.

This cream will help to calm the urge of scratching because scratching will increase the size of burrows by which the bacteria will enter the wound and can increase the problem. But this ointment is not for the scabies treatment. It only prevents scratching.

Sulfur ointments
The most common treatment for scabies is sulfur ointment. It is not harmful and risky and is the safest way to treat scabies. Apply the cream for three consecutive nights before going to bed. Do not bath the next morning but in the evening for those three days. Remember that the cream should be applied even the crease between buttocks etc. do not wash hands after applying.

Other method to get rid of scabies is to have pills containing ivermectin. Earlier ivernectin was only used to treat parasitic worms but now it is also used to get rid of scabies as it had shown good results. It is strongly recommended that ivermectin should not be used by pregnant and lacting individuals.


1) Mix the leaves of neem with equal quantity of turmeric powder. Add mustard oil in the mixture and make a paste. Apply this paste on scabies infected parts and wash it after one or two hours. Apply this paste regularly for at least a week.

2) Take drumstick leaves and extract their juice. Add equal amount of sesame seed oil. Boil the mixture till the water dries up. Apply this on the affected parts of skin and this will help to get rid of scabies.

Anyone in close contact with the person having scabies or his/her sexual partner should also receive treatment.

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    There is no home remedy. There is only one snbctause that works, and right now I can’t remember whether or not it’s over the counter or by prescription. Your pharmacist should know but absolutely NOTHING else will work besides this one medication. Voice of experience here. I shook a client’s hand once many years ago, and 21 days later came down with scabies. Not fun. If left untreated, it destroys human tissue. Your whole house has to be disinfected, too sheets, mattresses, pillows, rugs, towels mostly everything made of cloth in your whole house. Steaming and dry cleaning work on fabric, but on humans, again, a bath in that ONE solution is the ONLY remedy. Sometimes you have to do 2 baths in it. Call your pharmacy to know how to get the solution. Good luck, and I’m sorry to hear you have to deal with this. It is no fun.References :

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